FLOAT was proud to be curated into The Art of Dying Virtual + Augmented Reality Art Show by Dream Logic taking place Halloween 2016 in San Francisco. The show is a part of Re:Imagine | End of Life – a citywide conversation through art, experience, and design throughout the Bay Area. What would it mean for an entire city to reimagine the way we live and die?

3VR: The Dream Logic Edition pushes the boundaries of the original version by playing with color shifts and bringing a digital rendering of an authentic discarded cemetery item into the user experience. The digital version of a real grave offering accompanies you throughout an experience of abstract worlds and liminal spaces.
FLOAT has always framed the piece as a visual music and optical illusion experience, but the source of the video textures provides another conceptual layer. Comprised of video footage of discarded cemetery flowers, it is a natural fit for the Dream Logic showcase. Created with footage from Kate’s on-going Cemetery Tapes project and processed further using Max MSP/Jitter, this Special Edition takes it one step further and features photographs of discarded cemetery objects from the Santa Ana Cemetery.

The showcase featured over 25 artists from around the world including Kent Bye and Chelley Sherman.

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